When Morgan and I got married in 2008, it was a few days before the November election and part of our wedding decorations included my “Re-elect Vanessa Poster” yard sign.

This year, the election will mark one year and one day since his death.  Morgan’s cancer treatment, bravery in dying and his life’s dedication to empowering women renew my own commitment to living my life with passion and purpose. 

And being an elected Board Member of the Beach Cities Health District is one of my passions.

Under my tenure, BCHD has accomplished so many amazing things:

  1. BCHD is recognized nationally for our prevention and wellness efforts. The Beach Cities now have the highest Well-Being Index compared to 190 U.S. cities!  And, in May 2016, we were officially certified as a “Blue Zone.”  This means our data shows how our programs have positively impacted this community; http://bchd.org/docs/pr/BeachCities_CertifiedBlueZonesCommunity.pdf

  1. BCHD has reduced childhood obesity from 20% to 7% in Redondo Beach Schools, making stronger, happier kids, and decreasing long-term healthcare costs; http://www.bchd.org/live-long-and-prosper-progress-beach-cities-blue-zones-project-0

  1. BCHD expanded “Mind-Up,” teaching kids to manage social-emotional issues with school, friends, and family through mindfulness training; http://www.bchd.org/mindup

  1. BCHD championed programs for adults and seniors, such as Blue Zones, Free Fitness events in parks and at the beach, and Memory Clubs for families coping with dementia; http://bchd.org/home-services-care-management-0

My personal priorities for my next term on the BCHD Board:

  1. Reduce teen smoking and drug use.  Morgan’s cancer was so deadly because of the secondhand smoke he was exposed to as a child.  If we can stop kids from smoking in the first place, imagine all the benefits to society as a whole!

  1. Eliminate fiscal waste while meeting BCHD objectives.  The more money we can spend on directly impacting community health, the better!

  1. Implement “Dying Well” to help families plan for end of life.  Morgan’s grace in facing death has inspired me to help others to talk to their loved ones about their wishes, before it’s too late.   

At South Bay Free Clinic, I cultivated a passion to advocate for low-income residents. As a fundraising and management consultant, I gained expertise in budgets and finance. I am Fire Department CERT trained and a Citizen’s Police Awareness Academy graduate.  I founded the Women’s Coalition South Bay and served on RB’s Green Task Force.  I have successfully owned my own business since 2010. 

I am VANESSA I. POSTER and I humbly ask for your vote on November 8, 2016. 

Committee to Re-elect Vanessa Poster · 310.408.4567 · VIPoster@aol.com


Help re-elect Vanessa Poster for Board of Directors of the Beach Cities Health District