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Endorsements, updated as of September 30, 2020

*PLEASE NOTE: Titles and affiliations are for identification purposes only and do not imply organizational endorsement unless expressly stated.

Ted Lieu Headshot.jpeg

"Vanessa's leadership at BCHD has delivered award-winning programs to reduce childhood obesity, assist older adults and combat teen drug abuse. The COVID-19 crisis just increases our reliance on local public health agencies such as BCHD. I strongly endorse Vanessa's re-election.  She safeguards local neighborhoods, supports our fragile coastal environment and is an excellent steward of your tax dollars."  

– Congressman Ted Lieu

“Vanessa Poster has been an important part of the success of BCHD.  Her leadership has made the beach cities and the citizens healthier. Her knowledge is needed to continue this high level of service. I wholeheartedly endorse her for re-election to the BCHD Board.”   

– Jane Diehl, Board Member, Beach Cities Health District

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Trisha Murakawa head shot.jpeg

“Vanessa is a conscientious and courageous leader, exactly what is needed in this time, to truly help our community.”   

– Trisha Murakawa, Budget & Finance Commissioner, Redondo Beach; Business Owner 

"Vanessa improves our social and emotional well-being by supporting BCHD's school and community programs on mindfulness, healthy diet, and exercise. Thank you, Vanessa, for lifting up our community!"  

– Justin and Jenn Massey (Hermosa Beach)

Justin Massey.jpeg
Alex Smit Headshot.jpg

"Vanessa and I served in Leadership Redondo Beach together. She demonstrated intuitive, competent and direct leadership skills, while managing the many competing interests of a group project. Her compassion and listening skills make her a great leader and I strongly endorse her for re-election to the BCHD Board!"   

– Alex Smith, Smith Properties

“I’ve known and observed Vanessa Poster throughout all of her years of service to the BCHD Board.  She keeps an open mind and makes sure that the needs of the community come first.  She listens, and then weighs what comes before her and combines what she hears with her vast institutional knowledge to arrive at a way forward.  Her continued leadership is vital to the success of BCHD, and I am proud to endorse her for re-election to its Board of Directors.”  

– Dency Nelson, Hermosa Beach Activist

Dency Nelson Head Shot.JPG
Steve Goldsmith Headshot.JPG

"I strongly endorse Vanessa Poster. For me she is the 'Poster child' 😁 for caring about Community Health. Vanessa, through her study and Leadership in caring for the community's health regarding the dangerous threat of hydrofluoric acid (HF) at the refinery, has shown me personally that she is about action for health as well as words.”   

– Steven Goldsmith, President of Torrance Refinery Action Alliance

"Vanessa and I share a steadfast commitment to preventative health, including promotion of early cancer detection with pap smears, mammograms and colonoscopies for adults, and HPV vaccines for teenagers.  She is resolute and is dedicated to making the Beach Cities healthier.  I am pleased to endorse Vanessa Poster for re-election to the BCHD Board of Directors."  

– Ricardo Reznichek, M.D. MHA, FACS


Organizational Endorsements

Beach Cities Democratic Club

LA County Democratic Party

National Women’s Political Caucus

Manhattan Beach Huddle


Current and Past Local Elected Officials

Congressmember Ted Lieu

State Senator Ben Allen, California, 26th District

Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi


Stacy Armato, Councilmember, Hermosa Beach

Steve Aspel, Former Mayor, Redondo Beach

Anita Avrick, Former Redondo Unified School District Board Member 

Margaret Bove-LaMonica, Hermosa Beach School Board Member

Mark Burton, Candidate Manhattan Beach City Council

Vish Chatterji, Board Member, Beach Cities Health District

Portia Cohen, Former Mayor, Manhattan Beach

Mike Detoy, Councilmember, Hermosa Beach

Jane Diehl, Board Member, Beach Cities Health District

Laura Emdee, Councilwoman, District 5, Redondo Beach

Hany Fangary, Councilmember, Hermosa Beach

Raymur Flinn, Redondo Unified School District Board Member

Mike Gin, Former Mayor Redondo Beach

Susan Goodlerner, M.D. Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Harbor UCLA 

John Gran, Councilmember, Redondo Beach

Suzanne Hadley, Councilmember, Manhattan Beach

Amy Howarth, Former Mayor, Manhattan Beach

Christian Horvath, Councilmember, Redondo Beach

Justin Massey, Councilmember, Hermosa Beach

Stephen McCall, Member, Hermosa Beach School Board

Richard Montgomery, Mayor, Manhattan Beach

Cliff Numark, former Torrance Councilmember; current El Camino Community College Board Member

Wayne Powell, Former Mayor Manhattan Beach, City of Manhattan Beach Senior Advisory Committee Member 

Brad Serkin, Redondo Beach Unified School District Board Member

Arlene Staich, former Redondo Unified School District Board Member

George Schmeltzer, Former Mayor, Hermosa Beach

Brad Waller, Redondo Unified School District Board Member

David Witkin, Redondo Unified School District Board Member


Individual Endorsments

David Poster, Proud Father (93-years-old!)

John Rubiner, Husband


Arturo Adame, Writer, Editor, Redondo Beach

Jessica Accamando, Treasurer, Women’s Club Hermosa Beach; Creator, South Bay Community Volunteers; Secretary, Leadership Hermosa Beach

Jane Affonso, Redondo Beach

Theresa Bruno, Broker/Owner, Vision Realty

Donna Carleo, Realtor, Neighbor

Carmen Castillo, DDS

Elaine Cherlin: Private Tutor, South Bay 

Celeste Coar, Hermosa Beach Resident

Delianne Courturier, MFT, Redondo Beach

Joan Edelmann, BCHD Volunteer

Laura Erdman, Massage Therapist

Joan Forman, Redondo Beach, Writer, Retired Software Engineer

Craig Funabashi, Redondo Beach Round Table

Andrea Giancoli, MPH, Registered Dietician 

Linda Goldman, Registered Nurse, DNP, FNP, WHNP

Steven Goldsmith, President of Torrance Refinery Action Alliance

Bibi Goldstein, Vice President, South Bay Women’s Business Association

Douglas Granzow, Science Teacher, Inner City Education Foundation

Joanne Hadley, Manhattan Beach, Organizer, MB Huddle

Tony Hale, Executive Board Member, California Democratic Party, Urban Shaman

Linda Holliday, Community Volunteer

Kathleen Jacecko, Redondo Beach, Founder, Teaching Green

Janet Johnson, founding member of Friends of Redondo Beach Friends of the Arts, former Redondo Beach Woman of the Year

Sam Kartounian, former Finance Committee Member for BCHD

Gila Katz, Hermosa Beach

Paula Kelley, Director and Actor, Manhattan Beach Community Church Theater, Neighbor

Jim Kennedy, water and air quality advocate

Morgan Kramer, Everlasting Support

Marc and Veronica Kravetz, BCHD Gym members, Neighbors

Nina Zak Laddon, Redondo Beach Art Group

Jenny Lindhorst, Manhattan Beach Resident, Poet

Adam Malovani, Hermosa Leadership Class of 2017

Fred Manna, 14-year BCHD Errand Volunteer; Blue Zones Livability Committee; Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Commissioner

Mickey Marraffino, Redondo Beach, Volunteer and Entrepreneur

Jenn Massey, Hermosa Beach

Brooke McIntyre Tuley, Manhattan Beach, 50+ year director at South Bay Free Clinic

Trisha Murakawa, former Budget & Finance Commissioner, Redondo Beach; Candidate, El Camino Community College Board

Dency Nelson, Hermosa Beach Activist

Shari Petresky, Hermosa Beach

Dale Petrulis, Retired educator/administrator

Galen Rasmussen, Hermosa Beach, Entrepreneur

Ricardo Reznichek, M.D. MHA, FACS, Associate Clinical Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA; BCHD Strategic Planning Committee Member

Kerri Sheybani, Yoga Instructor, Neighbor

Alex Smith, Smith Properties, Redondo Beach Leadership Class of 2018

Kathleen Terry, South Bay Families Connected Board Member

Arnette Travis, BCHD Blue Zone's Ambassador

April Halprin Wayland, author 

Dr. Nicole Wesley, Redondo Beach Leadership Class of 2018

Moira Zucker, Manhattan Beach Resident, Activist

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